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Grand Gang Wars (GGW) Team Deathmatch is a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer server. Join a gang and work together to show who controls the Los Santos or become a cop to catch the criminals and thugs. We also have many features for you to enjoy. Come and join us today for an awesome time.
SA-MP Server IP : or play.ggwtdm.com or server.ggwtdm.com

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Grand Gang Wars [TDM] is a team-based deathmatch SA-MP sever compromising of multiple gangs/clans, working together to capture turfs, rob numerous stores, bank, gang vaults etc.. Or become a cop to clean up the streets from crime and keep the peace all the while working together as one force. The server has a wide variety of commands for the user ranging from animations, robbery commands, VIP commands, house commands, group commands and so on. We also have an online User Control Panel (UCP) which shows a wide range of statistics about the players as well as the server. The GGW team is very welcoming and can help you to get started as well as answer your questions. The server is constantly being updated and improved as it aims to work closely with the community to give them the best experience. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us today, in-game and on forums to be a part of this family and grow with us.

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