Unban Appeal Tutorial


This tutorial will let you know how you can do an Unban Appeal. Apply for an unban is simple and easy. You just have to admit the thing you have done which lead you to ban and give proofs. 

Unban Appeal : 

1. The first process is to login in to UCP with your in-game Username and Password and head to your profile.
[Image: Preview_Painted.png]

2. After you head to your profile. Click on Appeal.
[Image: Appeal_Painted.png]

3. Clicking on Appeal will take you to a form which you have to fill for your unban. The reason of your ban and the time will be written there already. Only you have to do is to fill Proofs and explainations. You have to explain everything in that section. After explaining the reason of ban, click on Submit to fill your Unban Appeal to let admins have a look at it and take action.
[Image: Appeal_It.png]

4. After you submit your appeal, you will be taken to your History. If you scroll down then you can see the Unban Appeals section and click on Appeal to have a look at your Unban Appeal. 
[Image: Click_on_it_P.png]

5. Clicking on Appeal will take you to your Appeal. You can reply on it if any admin questioned you something regarding your Unban. Appeal will look like the given picture.
[Image: Appeal_idha_lgu.png]

6. If you logged out or wanna have a look at your appeal again then click on History.
[Image: Preview_After_Paint.png]

7. And repeat the step 4 if you wanna have a look at your appeal.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Be polite to admin. Being toxic will lead you to get your account Banned Forever.
  • Give every proof admin want. Giving excuses will lead the appeal to be rejected.
  • Don't PM any admin on Forums/Discord or anyother way to tell them to check your appeal. It will make the appeal getting a reject.

If your appeal doesn't get checked after a long time, you can email at [email protected]. Do not spam the email. Admins need time to respond.
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